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Kitchen Remodel ~ Demo Day

Matt asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and do you know what I said?…I want a demo day…and not just any demo day, kitchen demo day! Of course that meant I wanted all the stuff that came after too, but we don’t need to get caught up on the details of that just yet ;).

So, for Mother’s Day guess what my man got me? A beautiful ring with all of my children’s birth stones in it…and….DEMO DAY! He is totally a keeper!

Here is what our kitchen looked like before:

This is the view from the living room, the front door and entry wall is to the left.
This one is a little dark…but this is the opposite view from the first picture. Our entry way is behind the wall where the refrigerator is.
Here’s a dead on from the dining area…and my little photobomber is Roxy our Shetland Sheepdog who always likes to be right where she can see me 🙂

On the right hand side of the above photo you can see that bank of cabinets that is our pantry. Well, it’s supposed to be our pantry…the previous owner installed a stacking washer and dryer into the right hand cabinet, through the hall closet directly behind it. Since I don’t need a second washer and dryer in my kitchen (really…who does?) that will be heading to the dump. The cabinet is already open to the unused coat closet behind it, so we’re going to make the whole thing a walk in pantry.

And here’s the demo…


Here you can see Matt cut the drywall out from behind the refrigerator. The wall is going to be extended so that the refrigerator will sit cabinet depth with the cabinets on the other side.


The bar is gone! The wall that the bar was attached to on the right is going to be a stand alone post soon. And in the back you can see the second pantry cabinet, that used to house the stacking washer and dryer, is now open and ready to be framed. It’s a little of a mess around here now, but that’s expected when you’re living in a remodel with 5 people and two dogs! So if you happen to come by my house anytime in the near future…prepare yourself for the construction zone 🙂

Soon the remaining pantry cabinet will be retrofitted for the double oven, the island will be replaced by a custom piece Matt is going to build (and maybe my Papa), the stove and microwave will be removed and replaced by a cook top and hood. Then of course there will be new lighting, paint on the walls and cabinets, back splash, counter tops and sink. The progress will be slowed by all of our upcoming summer plans, but we’ll get there eventually. Check back to see what we’re up to!

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