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Life Happens

Part of the fun of doing a home renovation all on your own is the ability to control your environment, and your budget in your makeover. The downfall is that this usually is a ‘side job’ to all the other things life has going on. It’s too easy to keep your nose down and working and never look up to see all the life that happened and you didn’t get to be a part of. I am one who can forget to participate because I have “too much to do” or am known for “I can do that when I finish this, this, this and this..”. Matt is so good at balance in that way. He is the most hardworking and disciplined person I know but he is so good at stopping and taking a break. He reminds me to let life happen and enjoy it, not just work on it.

For us this last month it has been lots of events and traveling. First, we attended a fun family wedding and camping weekend in Coloma, Ca. It was nice to get away and not have an agenda or project staring us in the face. We loved the river and the time with family and friends.


We came home on a Sunday and the next day our youngest daughter left for a week-long church camp, followed by our oldest leaving (on Father’s Day) for her camp. That next Monday Matt headed to Texas for business and was able to escort our youngest daughter Madi to visit a dear friend that moved to the lone star state a few years ago, they were gone a week. The Friday they got off the plane back in California, we loaded into my parents RV and drove to Washington State to spend a week with family and celebrate the 4th of July!

We had so much fun driving through Oregon, visiting family and the sights and sounds in Seattle. It was a fun and full week.

When we arrived home we had a few days of downtime which looked a lot like laundry and unpacking and early bed times. I also had meetings and planning to do regarding our school year that is rapidly approaching. Needless to say kitchen progress was not on the to do list. After only being home for a few days Matt was off again for an 8 day training mission. The day he returned, I left for a girls weekend with my sweet friend and our two oldest daughters. It was nice to get away with a friend and focus on just having fun, relaxing and enjoying each others company!

I am happy though to not have any plans on the horizon for the next few weeks. I am ready to get some work done in both the kitchen, and the school planning. I’m hoping I will continue to work at balance, and enjoy all the life that happens among the ‘work’.




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