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Kitchen Details

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen a little of the chaos progress that we have been making in our kitchen remodel. I’m excited that the old tile is out, the stove and microwave are gone, the new cabinet has been put in the stove’s place and the custom hood vent Matt built is hanging on the wall ready to be painted. The new pantry finally has all the drywall and mud finished (and I have a new-found upper body strength from all the mud and sanding!). We are ready to texture the walls and patches which is one of our last steps before paint!  Paint always makes me excited because it breathes such new life into a space and makes it feel so new. If you have a minimal budget but want to update a space, paint! Good paint colors can breathe new life into your furniture, art and textiles. Living in someone else’s paint choices for the last year have really made me feel like I haven’t totally moved in…so I am ready for paint!

Our front door has a small entry then a clear view to our living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway that leads to the kids bedrooms and our hall bath. Because of this they will all be painted the same color. I am a fan of continuity. Everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy but I like it to flow from one room to the next. My color choice for our main living spaces is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. We used Mindful Gray, which is in the same color family, in the bathroom and will be using Dorian Gray in the master bedroom. Because each of these colors are variances in the same ‘family’ they will flow nicely with one another instead of competing with one another. I usually have an idea in my head of what I want a space to look like then I start searching out similar photos on Pinterest. If you want to see my inspiration board for our great room you can check it out here:

As far as finishing the kitchen, I am so excited about the details there! Since we decided to keep our existing cabinets they will be painted white (delicate white by Olympic is the current choice…it may change) and we are saving a lot by painting instead of replacing. The counters are going to be butcher block but the island, we are possibly going to finish with a different material like quartz or granite…or concrete? Luckily I don’t have to know that answer quite yet. Because we are keeping our existing cabinets but wanted a farmhouse sink we chose the Kohler Whitehaven, it is huge and made for the purpose of a retrofit cabinet. Plus I love that it has a lifetime warranty! We are painting the hood to look old and distressed, and the entire wall behind it (where it is red in the picture below) will be white subway tile. Below the hood we are doing a decorative mosaic section with this tile. It is the same tile we used in the bathroom and I absolutely love the colors in it! I pulled the pantry door color from the colors in this tile and am thrilled with the result.

This weekend the hubby won’t be able to work on the kitchen so I am taking the opportunity to plan our home school year. It will be a nice break from kitchen work and will give me some much-needed peace as I get all these school thoughts down on paper. My brain feels a lot like a laptop with 38 open tabs in the browser right now :). I’m sure many of my other mama friends out there can relate. What are your plans this weekend?

♥ Rachael

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