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Buying the Potential

12888541_10206255673771943_3971410866341415419_oEarly in our relationship as Matt and I dreamed about our future, we knew we always wanted to live on property and have space to do things we wanted, build things, explore, let our kids roam. When we bought our first home in a residential building track we were so excited. Not because this was the ‘dream’ but because it was the first step. We knew this wasn’t the home we wanted to be in forever, but like most things we have, we were excited to make it ours. We did lots of projects and little updates, nothing major but all of it added that little stamp of us. We were excited when the market took a turn back up and we were able to sell our home for a nice profit. After much prayer we felt like this was our opportunity to buy that piece of property, and enjoy that country space we had always wanted.


 We sold our home and while we had been making several aggressive offers, it seemed everyone had the same idea we did. After talking with banks, building a home yourself with a loan isn’t really an option anymore, so we looked for a dump we could fix up. Some houses we looked at were near tear downs. Others just needed some cosmetic fixes.We weren’t too picky but had a few things we didn’t want to compromise on. We had been searching all the usual real estate outlets and even for sale by owner sites which is where I found this new listing that we jumped on! We had the offer paperwork and walk throughs down to a science at this point. We knew what to look for and what to avoid. Finally, after 7 months of searching, we had an accepted offer!

Home listing photos
This is a photo of our ‘new’ house from the listing photos. They were clearly taken years before the house was actually put on the market so the photos are a little nicer than the property actually was.

 This house is a three bedroom two bath, with an office and bonus room, on an acre and a third in a sweet little town in Placer County, CA. We were so excited to find a place in our first choice area. This house, while far from a tear down like many of the others we saw, still needed a lot of tlc to become our dream. But we weren’t buying what it was, we were buying what it could be, we were buying the potential. We have now been in the house for about 10 months. A lot of that time has been spent downsizing (we have 1000 sq ft less than we did in our old house!) and fixing necessary things (well pump, water filtration, roof leaks, etc), we have managed to complete a few cosmetic upgrades and really start to see the dreams coming to reality. It’s been so worth the wait, and all the work it took to get here. We are so excited to see it come together. I will be back updating all of our progress along the way. What major things have you dreamed of doing? How are you moving toward that dream?

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